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Welcome to the website of our company which bears the name "PANAGIOTIDIS NIKOLAOS THEMISTOKLIS" and the distinctive title "MobelArt" and whose head office is located on the corner of Sokratous and Maiandrou streets in Evosmos Thessaloniki and which will be referred to from now on as the COMPANY.

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1. Copyright

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2. Limitation of Company or Business Content Liability

The Company is committed to providing high quality services to consumers. The Company is not responsible or liable for errors that may exist in photos of its products or in texts or other audio or video clips. Also, the Company is not responsible for any unauthorized interventions in the content of the page by third parties.

The Company reserves any additions or modifications to parts or all of the content of the page or even to its temporary or permanent interruption without prior notification to consumers and users.

3. Use of Links Leading to Third Party Websites

The Company hosts on this website links that lead to third party websites. It is emphasized that these terms of use do not apply to these websites but are subject exclusively to their own terms of use, just as the same applies to the personal data protection and privacy policy used by these websites. Also, the placement of these links does not presume any acceptance on the part of the Company or Business of the content and opinions contained therein, but exists only for the convenience of the user.

4. Applicable Law

The above terms and conditions as well as any amendment, deletion or addition thereof are governed by national law, Community law as well as international law. In the event that any term is ultimately contrary to the above legal framework, it automatically ceases to apply.

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